AZN FLUSH - Asian Parent Approved Pack

AZN FLUSH - Asian Parent Approved Pack

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This pack is perfect for cousins, church friends and.... dare we say it... parents. This is the pack you want for Halloween, Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

We play tested this extensively with people from around the country and they all say it's the best pack yet. Here are some of the amazing reviews:

  • "Wow this pack is going to be awesome. This one hit more of the Asian roots (at least for me) and reminds me of the original pack." - Eric D.
  • "Loved it. So proud of the product and business. I heard it's family owned and such. Wishing you guys the best on continued success!" - Kimberly J. 
  • "I gotta be honest, I truly couldn't find any that I didn't find really enjoyable." - Gabbie C.
  • "Honestly, I think the new pack is great and I even showed my peers and they also love it." - Brandon D.


MOST LIKELY TO: On 3, point to the person most likely to have a child born addicted to Boba. Most voted takes 7 sips.

STORYTIME: Worst “when I was your age…” comparison from your parents. Best story gives 9 sips. Skip = 2 sips.

CATEGORIES: Asian foods that you order for your white friends. Loser gives 3 sips.

VOTE: Tiger Balm or Salonpas? Losing team takes 4 sips.

FLEX TIME: Most money you’ve received from an elder at a time. Winner send $1 to everyone on venmo. Skip = 5 sips.

TRUTH OR DRINK: What’s your salary (GPA if you’re in school)? Tell the truth or drink 7 sips.

DARE OR DRINK: Unfollow someone who will definitely notice. Follow them back in 48 hours. Skip = 5 sips.