AZN FLUSH - Expansion Pack

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You asked for it and here it is - the spicier AZN FLUSH expansion pack. This pack is the same AZN FLUSH you know and love, but with new game types and spicier consequences (now introducing punishments like flicking, spanking, singing, facing walls, and taking shots). Get your cameras ready. You'll want to remember this one for a while. WARNING: this is definitely not asian parent approved.

We've only printed 1,000 copies, so make sure to get your order in before we sell out!


Selfie Race: first person to take a selfie wins immunity from punishment for 5 cards. The last person takes 2 sips.

Trivia: First to answer correctly gives 3 sips. Which country has a separate Valentine’s Day for single people? (Answer: South Korea)

Most likely to: on 3, point to the person who gives better blowjobs to boba straws than to dicks. Most voted takes 5 sips.

Storytime: share the time you had the most inopportune boner. Best story wins. Winner gives 6 sips. Skip = 3 sips.

Categories: Signs you’re at a bad Asian restaurant. Loser takes 2 sips.

You literally can't f*ck it up. it's so easy to play.

Supports 2-20+ players, so now's the perfect time to start making friends.