AZN FLUSH - The Original Pack

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Made for Asian Americans/Canadians/Australians/Europeans. AZN Flush is the wildest drinking card game this side of Koreatown. Each box contains 110 cards with unique game rules designed to help you get your night started right. This game will make you and your friends LOL over 3000!


AZN FLUSH Check: "Whoever has the most glorious asian flush gets to pick one person to share their tinder profile with the group. Skip = 4 sips."

Most likely to: "On 3, everyone point at the person most likely to be on an asians-only dating app. Winner takes 4 sips."

You pick two: "Pick two people playing. Everyone votes on who they think got the higher SAT score. Losing team takes 2 sips."

 Categories: "Household items that you've been spanked with. Loser takes 2 sips." "Things Asian parents would never say. Loser takes 4 sips."

You literally can't f*ck it up. it's so easy to play.

Supports 2-20+ players, so now's the perfect time to start making friends.